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Are you seriously considering working internationally? Do you have what it takes to be a teacher? Is China among the destinations you’re open to? If the answers are yes we can help you find work and settle into life in China.

As part of our non-profit educational mission we provide 3 things:

> Trusted advice: We stay informed and would love to talk to you about life in China, different types of jobs, and your career.

> Orientation to China: Our Ambassador to China program will ensure you have the necessary insights to integrate and thrive here.

> Introductions to schools: Once we know your interests and qualifications we can connect you with the hiring managers at great schools. We are associated with universities, high schools, international schools, kindergartens, and training centers. In a way, when you register with us, it is like applying for over 100 jobs at once and having a trusted friend help you choose the right one.

So, complete our quick consultation application and wait for us to get back to you to arrange a video chat. We can talk at length and try to answer all of your questions. If you meet the Chinese government’s visa requirements and our standards for professionalism we will directly introduce you to schools that you match well with. If this is not possible we will suggest solid online resources and advice for job hunting.

Let us introduce you to life and work in China!

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OasisJobs Foundation LogoOASIS is a U.S.-based, non-profit organization specializing in matching teachers with well-suited jobs at verified schools in China. To do this, we offer a personalized service to understand the needs of teachers and answer their questions. In addition, we provide free career advice and a free, Ambassador to China program to familiarize teachers with China. We also provide some support to teachers once they arrive in China.